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Reinventing a Modern Filipino Classic

Sizzling sisig, first cooked up with salvaged pig parts in a stall by a railroad, has come a long way. The New York Times anointed it “arguably the greatest pork dish on Earth.” It’s not hard to see (and taste) why. Few dishes can match its interplay of flavors and textures. It reflects and magnifies Filipino culinary culture with its unique recipe of vision, inspiration, and a touch of madness.


For a dish born of improvisation, sisig has stayed surprisingly static. This modest dish is still the mainstay pulutan and sometimes even eaten during the odd meal here and there.

But its potential for creative innovation has remained dishearteningly untapped. Sisig Society, a newly opened restaurant in Eastwood Citywalk, strives to solve this situation by elevating, if not reinventing, the sisig experience.


As seen on Entrepreneur Magazine (July 2015)

The Sisig of Your Imagination


Sisig Society started serving guests in March 2015. Many are smitten by its quirky but refined interiors, accented with colorfully subversive wall art. With its chic façade, it won’t be mistaken for your typical sisig and beer joint. What really draws the crowd, however, is Sisig Society’s irresistible promise to create the “sisig of your imagination.”


The choice of whether to pick pork, chicken, seafood, or tofu as the sisig’s protein is just the start. More daunting is choosing among the offered array of seven toppings and five sauces. Toppings range from the more conservative chicharon and caramelized onions, to the more off-beat chorizo and cheese. Sauces, on the other hand, include concoctions like a lechon-based sarsa, a velvety cream sauce, and a piquant Diablo sauce.

Any initial misgivings about the playful combinations are quickly dispelled by the first few bites. Customers come back either because they get hooked on their own creations or on the experimentation process. There are so many combinations to try that the experience is new every time. To add to that, Sisig Society has both sharing and snack portions – Sisig Pasta and Sisig Nachos being popular picks for the latter. The price range of 99 to 249 pesos offers compelling value with the semi-upscale ambience and hefty portions. 


The Start of Something Sisig

Sisig Society hits that sweet spot between being bold yet familiar. Its rewards are social media buzz, fond reviews, and a perennially full dining area. This favorable reception has prompted more than a few franchise inquiries. 

The two crucial elements of a franchising program are the people and the product behind it. Sisig Society shares the same team with Adobo Connection, one of the recepients of Entrepreneur’s Franchise Awards in 2015. In terms of product, on the other hand, Sisig Society takes a Filipino culinary icon and brings it to a higher level of sophistication and personalization while keeping prices accessible.


The initial investment for this franchise ranges from four to six million pesos. Included in this investment are the Sisig Society brand and systems, the establishment’s construction, and the typical costs associated with opening a restaurant such as rental deposits, training, and inventory.


The Sisig Society business opportunity is undoubtedly persuasive. This is especially true for early franchisees who tend to get better locations and less competition from copycats. At the end of the day, it’s really hard to bet against the greatest pork dish on Earth.